ZeoGreen Turf Amendment

ZeoGreen has been the premium natural zeolite amendment for turf and sports field application for over 15 years. Its unique porosity and molecular negative charge means it holds more water and nutrients in a free draining sand profile leading to stronger healthier more durable playing turf.


What is ZeoGreen?


Our ZeoGreen (clinoptilolite) is a natural Australian zeolite mineral from northern New South Wales. It has a very open internal structure giving it a large surface area.

It has a high cation exchange capacity (CEC) - 120 meq/ 100g.

ZeoGreen has selective adsorptive capabilities for certain nutrient cations. In particular it is able to retain ammonium (NH4+) and potassium (K+) ions. These ions can be readily exchanged when plant roots require them.

Thus ZeoGreen reduces leaching of N and K fertiliser


How ZeoGreen works


ZeoGreen mixed into the soil provides an immediate and permanent increase in cation exchange capacity.

It retains valuable N and K by high initial uptake and slow release to turf grass roots as required.

It retains its structure allowing for N and K uptake whenever nitrogen/potassium fertilisers are applied.

It is a natural wetting agent and will help hold more water higher in the profile. It will also help hold liquid wetters applied for longer life




More available nutrients for better growth, producing deeper and more dense root systems. Increased water holding and natural dispersal reducing dry spots all resulting in harder wearing turf.


Environmental benefit


ZeoGreen amendments may take a few years to recoup their cost based on fertilizer savings alone. However, research has shown significantly less fertiliser leachate from ZeoGreen amended profiles compared to control or organic amendments.


The benefits of less nutrient leaching into ground water, waterways and dams will only improve the water recycling program and the environment for both club members and the general public


Used around Australia and around the world


ZeoGreen has been used successfully around Australia and internationally on projects, including

The Fiji Marriott Golf Resort

The Shek O Country Club in Hong Kong

The Lakes Course at Blue Canyon Thailand

The Kensington Oval in Barbados


Ask us how we can help save you water and fertilisers for world class  results with less inputs

Kensington Oval Barbados

for the Cricket World Cup 2007

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