Using ZeoGreen

Commercial Recommendations



The most beneficial application for ZeoGreen amendment is at the construction phase. At this time you are able to lift CEC to desired levels immediately and permanently.

The appropriate rate can be determined by using the amendment calculator below.

Overseas and Australian trials suggest rates of 5-10% on a volume basis give best improvements.

Mix thoroughly with profile sand.

At high amendment rates early frequent fertiliser applications will be necessary for seedling establishment until roots are developed.


Using 500 square metres as the average green and an amendment depth of 25cm you require about 6 tonnes per green for a 5% inclusion and 12 tonnes for the 10% rate.


An 18 hole course at the top treatment rate is 225 tonnes




As ZeoGreen does not break down over time, CEC of sandy soils can be gradually improved by use of ZeoGreen mixed with sand at coring.

An application rate of 200 g/m2 (2t1ha) is recommended.

The use of organic amendments at these times will usually only maintain CEC levels as those amendments will break down, eventually resulting in reduced infiltration rates.

The ZeoGreen rate recommended will provide a CEC increase of 0.15 meq per application:



The efficiency of N/K fertilisers can be boosted by the inclusion of ZeoGreen at 10-20%. This also removes the ammonia odour from organic fertilisers.


CEC Calculator


Desired CEC        5

Current CEC        2

CEC Increase      3

Amendment Required

CEC 3/120 Meq x 1100Kg/m3 density x 0.1m profile depth

3/120 = 0.025 x 1100 x 0.1 = 2.75Kg/m2

Or 27.5Kg/m3







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