Natural Australian ZeoGreen has been extensively researched for turf applications. Australian trials clearly demonstrated the ability of ZeoGreen to increase soil CEC and retain valuable N and K. These trials showed the ability to significantly reduce fertilizer application in ZeoGreen amended profiles.

Australian turf construction research using ZeoGreen at 5 and 10% incorporated to 100 mm depth, showed that CEC levels were able to be lifted as per product specifications without any adverse effect on soil infiltration rates. Due to the improved soil nutrient status (in particular potassium), ZeoGreen amended profiles were more resistant to fungal disease infections.

Further Australian trials showed significant improvement in turf root development in ZeoGreen amended profiles. They produced a deeper and more dense feeder root system, irrespective of whether ZeoGreen was incorporated into the top, middle or whole of profile.

Other research confirmed the benefits of natural Australian ZeoGreen. After initial container trials a new turf construction has shown superior infiltration rates for ZeoGreen over other organic amendments (peat moss, fowl manure, pine bark), and improved soil potassium levels compared to all other amendments.

Recent Cornell University research in the USA has cofirmed the benefits of zeolite in turf profiles. For the sand profiles, the percentage of applied fertilizer N that was recovered in grass clippings ranged from 62% to 70% of the applied N

The addition of 10% zeolite to the sand resulted in a greater amount of the fertilizer N ending up in the bent grass clippings 75% to 93% of the applied N.

This difference was most noticeable at the lower N application rate.

When compared by volume required for CEC improvement ZeoGreen is unparalleled.

Adding 10% zeolite to sand also resulted in substantially less nitrate  leaching.

Leaching of NO3 reduced by 88%

Leaching of NH4 reduced by 99%


ZeoGreen has been used commercially by more than 200 golf and bowling clubs, councils, parks and gardens

Comparison of Amendments

ZeoGreen's natural qualities make it an ideal soil amendment when compared to other organic amendments. It compares favourably in CEC comparison on a weight basis. But when these products are evaluated on a volume basis the true value of ZeoGreen becomes evident as enormous volumes of some amendments are needed

When compared by volume required for CEC improvement ZeoGreen is unparalleled.

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