ZeoGreen for Turf Grasses

Sand profiles in turf grass applications have a very low cation exchange capacity and do not hold water or nutrients very efficiently. The free draining nature of the profile leads to leaching of nutrients away from the root zones of the plants. ZeoGreen prevents this by holding water in the profile and attracting and holding nutrients because of its large internal pore structure and cation exchange capacity. ZeoGreen holds 26% of its volume in water and has a particular cationic affinity to attract and hold ammonium (NH4+) the key form of nitrogen that provides quality deep green leaf colour and potassium, calcium for cell strength and magnesium. Once included in the profile ZeoGreen will recharge when fertilisers are applied and release nutrient as plants demand creating a smooth longer term availability of nutrients. Australian Research concluded that fertiliser costs could be reduced by 67% to maintain turf quality with a 5% ZeoGreen


Premium Turf Grade  0.5-1.6mm  Bulk Density 1.13 g/cc

Sports Turf Grade        0.5-2.0mm  Bulk Density 1.21 g/cc


Graded to suit mixing with sand, ZeoGreen is matched perfectly to sandy soils, so it won’t change the hydraulic conductivity of soils, even at high amendment rates. ZeoGreen is one of the hardest zeolite’s in the world (7 Mohs) and won’t crush in the profile and block drainage. It is naturally loaded with calcium, magnesium, potassium and is low sodium. It can exchange and hold about 2% of its own weight in pure ammonium. Around 23 Kg can hold the Nitrogen  in 1 Kg of urea.


Cation exchange capacity of 120meq/100g

pH of 7.6

Total Porosity  54%

Micro porosity  27%

Macro porosity  27%

Water holding by Volume 26.6%

Water holding by Weight 21.8%


ZeoGreen has been used successfully on golf courses, bowling greens and sports turfs around Australia the world for over 15 years and will improve the performance of your turf.

ZeoGreen Works

Headland Golf Course QLD

Untreated and treated tees side by side, ZeoGreen's deeper green clearly visible.

Gisborne Golf Club VIC

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