Water Holding

Comment on Water Retention Curve ZeoGreen Premium Turf Grade.


The curve indicates three basic pore sizes, larger pores draining at 100 to 175mm, some smaller pores draining at 300mm and smallest pores not draining right up to 500mm of suction. Such a pore size distribution is ideal for use in turf underlay and root zone mixes. The coarse pores draining at 100 to 175mm mean that the material will not block or bind otherwise open sands at the usual height of root zone tables, about 300mm. Unlike a sand however, the fine pore space within each particle of zeolite will hold water right up to 500mm of tension. By comparison most pure sand table mixes are showing less than 4-5% water holding at 500mm, whereas this is holding 9-10%, about twice as much.

We can thus predict that the benefits of zeolite in a sand table will be

Increased water retention at the surface

No risk of binding or blocking sand tables

Improved nutrient holding via increased cation exchange capacity over sand

The very low cation exchange capacity in sand tables is the major management issue impacting on the efficiency and timing of fertiliser use.


Total Porosity    54%

Micro porosity    27%

Macro porosity  27%



Water Holding

by Volume        26.6%

by Weight        21.8%

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