Technical Specs


ZeoGreen is a natural rock containing as the main crystalline component the zeolitic mineral clinoptilolite, together with minor amounts of mordenite (another zeolite mineral), quartz, clay (smectite) and mica.


ZeoGreen is a hydrous aluminosilicate that is able to freely exchange certain cations. Cationic nutrient ions, such as those of calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and particularly ammonia are exchanged in this way.


The Cation Exchange Capacity of ZeoGreen is greater than 120 meq./100g. Only the exchangeable cations can be considered available in agriculture. In the natural state the exchangeable cations of Escott Zeolite are


Na                12

K                    4

Ca                85

Mg                18

TOTAL          119 m.eq./100g




Zeolite Clinoptilolite        57.0 %

Zeolite Mordenite            5.8 %

Feldspar Albite                5.4 %

Feldspar Sanidine            2.3 %

Quartz                        27.2 %

Not identified                  2.3 %



Total Porosity                  54%

Micro porosity                  27%

Macro porosity                27%

Microscopic Porosity

ZeoGreen's unique microscopic crystalline porosity

ZeoGreen Premium Grade 0.5-1.6mm 

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